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ToMac Development Company is a premier construction management and consulting firm specializing in residential subdivision development. Our mission is to ensure that our clients receive the finest in project management services and construction coordination. ToMac brings industry expertise and experience managing multi-phased, large projects with complex infrastructure in a variety of municipalities. Our working knowledge of city requirements allows us to service the needs of developers, landowners, and homebuilders across metro Phoenix.

Our team is a group of seasoned professionals in the development industry and are proficient in working on large-scale projects with experience working on lot development, amenity areas, power substations and intricate CFD backbone infrastructure projects such as roadways, water campuses, potable wells, wastewater reclamation facilities and lift stations.


ToMac brings industry expertise and experience managing multi-phased, large projects with complex infrastructure in a variety of municipalities. We understand that no two projects are alike. We take a comprehensive approach analyzing the complexities of each specific project to best advise our clients.

From initial due diligence efforts through construction and eventual project closeout and HOA turnover, our mission is to ensure that our clients receive the finest in project management services and construction coordination.

ToMac offers the following consulting services that can be modified to fit the specific needs of any project.

Project Due Diligence / Entitlements

We strive to help our clients in key decision-making processes by offering a comprehensive review of all documentation while advising on project constraints, construction costs, phasing, and overall project buildout.

  • Review all project reports (Environmental, Soils/Geotechnical, Biological, Archeological, ALTA and Title Report).
  • Review all project agreements (DA, CMP, CFD etc.).
  • Review all design documents including construction drawings, design reports, master studies and project specifications.
  • Provide project budgets for client review.
  • Provide project schedules and phasing plans for client review.

Dry Utility Coordination

We understand the level of coordination that exists during dry utility design. ToMac will manage all correspondence and collaboration between the project team and the utility providers.

  • Meet with utility providers and project ownership team to discuss project needs.
  • Prepare all project initiation forms on behalf of the client.
  • Share all plats, plans and basefiles.
  • Review all preliminary designs prepared by the utility providers (power, gas & telecom) to ensure efficient constructability and mitigate any potential conflicts with civil and/or landscaping plans.
  • Help with the procurement of easements.
  • Coordinate project schedules.
  • Ensure the issuance of permits in a timely manner.
  • Review and coordinate the distribution of the final, approved plans between the utility provider and the owner.

Bid & Contract Administration

The success of a project begins at the time of bid. At ToMac we take the time to organize extensive bid packages to ensure that there is no gap in scope amongst trades. This allows us to provide a better service for our clients, prevent against unexpected costs and drive the project schedule.

  • Prepare scope specific bid packages.
  • Hold pre-bid conferences.
  • Coordinate all RFI’s and bid addendums.
  • Analyze all bids and complete a comprehensive bid comparison per scope.
  • Prepare all subcontractor agreements for execution.
  • Review all contractor provided documents to ensure accordance with the requirements outlined in the owner’s subcontractor agreement.

Construction Management

Knowledgeable construction management is paramount to any successful project. At ToMac, our philosophy is simple. We plan the work and work the plan. We have the trade base, industry knowledge and know how to meet project schedules, budgets and client expectations.

  • Ensure all plan approvals and permits are in place.
  • Monitor and manage all horizontal construction progress.
  • Provide project administrative control between the client and the trade base. Coordinate all pay applications, change order requests, submittal/RFI review and document management.
  • Coordinate and sequence/phase all onsite work to ensure that critical path is met to maintain deadlines detailed in the master project schedule.
  • Address plan conflicts discovered during construction with the design engineer and governing municipality.
  • Provide the client with master construction schedule updates.
  • Manage and track all punch list work.
  • Coordinate with the city to issue final documentation for issuance of letters of acceptance.

Post Construction Services / Project Closeout / HOA Turnover

At ToMac, we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to project closeout. During post construction, our goal is to assist our clients in obtaining the necessary acceptance letters so they can obtain certificates of occupancy.

  • Prepare and submit final close out packages to the governing municipality to acquire the final acceptance letter.
  • Coordinate approval of construction for water and sewer infrastructure.

Managing Team

TOM BONGIORNO Managing / Member President ToMac Development Company

Tom Bongiorno

Managing Member/President

As President of ToMac Development Company, Tom brings with him 10+ years of construction experience working in the Phoenix and New York City metro areas. Tom holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Urban & Regional Development from the University of Arizona and a Master’s of Science in Construction Administration from Columbia University.

Prior to joining ToMac, Tom worked in heavy construction, public homebuilding and for multiple master-planned developers in Phoenix.

Tom’s primary job functions include business operations, client relations, project budgeting, scheduling, and construction administration.

SHANNON MAC DOUGALL. Member/V.P of Construction for ToMac Development Company

Shannon Mac Dougall

Member/V.P of Construction

As the V.P of Construction for ToMac Development Company, Shannon brings with him 30 + years of construction experience where first he attended Arizona State University.

Prior to joining ToMac, Shannon worked for both public and private homebuilders as well as consulting firms developing residential subdivision projects across the Phoenix metro area. Shannon’s job functions include the management of all fieldwork, and construction coordination.

His primary focus is to ensure that our client’s critical paths are being met across all of our projects.